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Global Tracking HYBRIDXP4000 Gpc Gps Tracking Device Plug And Play


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Condition: Brand New
Our Part No:   HYBRIDXP4000
Manufacturer Part No:   HYBRIDXP4000
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The Hybrid is a Safety/Vehicle/Driver management tool that helps the owner of the vehicle manage the driving habits of the driver(s). Provides personal safety by allowing authorized personnel to locate the vehicle (driver) at anytime using the internet. 

The Hybrid “Plug n Play” device plugs directly into the OBDII port in all vehicles manufactured in the United States since 1997. Installation, removal or transfer of the Hybrid only takes seconds with the benefits and consumer features that far exceed most hard wired units on the market today. Retail customers can easily install them for their vehicles, fleet companies can install them easily to help manage their fleet vehicles. Installation, removal or transfer to another vehicle of the Hybrid “Plug n Play” only takes seconds. 

Dealer Benefits:
1. Hassle free installation “Plug n play”
2. Feature “rich” (easy to understand features: Towing alert, low battery alert, speed alert)
3. One SKU that fits ALL vehicles 1997 and newer
4. Internal Antenna (NO wiring)
5. NO airtime service to sell (1st year is included)

Benefits to the Retail Customer/Dealership Drivers:
1. Know which vehicle the unit is installed in by the ability for it to read the VIN number.  (Reads most newer 2000+ vehicles) Know if it's in moms car, dads car or Jr's car.
2. Be able to find loved ones (online) at anytime (in real time)
3. 1 automatic update daily.
4. Know where the vehicle started and stopped (ignition on/off reporting) throughout the day
5. Know the driving habits of the driver by watching the over speed notifications (speed alert)
6. Know when the battery voltage level is dropping below a predetermined level (low level battery notification)
7. Be able to set invisible thresholds (Geo-fences) around anything that the owner wants to be notified of crossing (Geo-fence notification)
8. Know if the vehicle is being towed (Tow alert notification)

Airtime Service Features
1. 75 “On Demand” locates included (Others available by purchasing online)
2. Once a day automatic update (While vehicle is moving) 
3. Ignition on and off reporting online

Driver Alerts (By Text and email)

1. Over speed alert (Customer set)
2. Geo-fence alert (500 ft – 50 miles)
3. Towing alert
4. Low battery alert

Dealer Options
Automatic maintenance/alerts reminders sent to the customer by text and email – (Based on mileage or time)  The Dealer can select what the customer sees on all reminders and alert notifications
1. When the vehicle hits a predetermined mileage threshold the customer will receive an email/Text that it's time for their 30,000 mile service. Courtesy of ABC Dealer
2. When the vehicle hits a predetermined mileage threshold they will receive an email/Text that it's time for their oil change, tire rotation etc. Brought to you by ABC Dealer
3. On ALL alerts that are set the customer will see the reason for the alert (by text and email) and brought to you by ABC Dealer

Customer Options
If the vehicles owner ever wants to track (5 min breadcrumb trail) for a period of time (day, days, week, weeks or months). They can choose how long they wish to track it and schedule the time/day by calendar.
 Scheduled updates by Calendar day.
 (5 minute updates during these times)
 • of days $ 5.00 (2 day minimum)
 • of weeks $ 15.00 (Each week up to a month)
 • of months $ 35.00 (Each month)
 Annually $240.00

This is a very flexible product for the retail dealer and their customer. This will keep the initial cost down but still allowing the customer to pay for the uses as they need them.

Retail Pricing: Suggested Retail $499

Unit Price includes:
1yr Product Warranty and 1st year of Service is included:
&#9642, 75 “On Demand” locates included (Others available by purchasing online)
&#9642, Once a day automatic update (while vehicle is moving) 
&#9642, Ignition on and off reporting online

2nd year of Service: The Consumer pays $99 a year to continue service (listed below). 
&#9642, 75 “On Demand” locates included (Others available by purcha
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